Graphic Design

Creative Design Solutions

At G&L Printing and Promotional Services, we have an in-house design team that is ready to help you complete your next project. Whether you need help modifying a file you currently have or are looking to start from scratch with a complete rebrand, we are here to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Graphic Design Services:

✓ Logo & Branding

✓ Brand Discovery

✓ Office Stationary

✓ Signs

✓ Banners

✓ Advertisements

✓ Publications

✓ and much more!


Direct Mailing

Direct Mail

The difference between direct mail and junk mail is its relevance to the target audience, and of course, how well the piece is produced. If you want to motivate your potential customers to buy your product or service, there’s a right way and a wrong way. G&L Printing Services will help you do it right – within budget, and on time -- even getting it to the door for you. Interested? Contact us to find out more.

G&L Printing Services can manage your whole campaign:

✓ Concept & Design

✓ Print

✓ Rent or purchase Lists

✓ Refine Your list for maximum accuracy

✓ addressing and personalizing

✓ folding, stuffing, and sealing

✓ organizing for postal drop

Mailing Services

Your one stop for getting your mailings out the door! G & L Printing Services can manage your distribution and mailing needs simply and efficiently. Using your existing data or clean high-quality lists sourced to your specifications, your marketing campaign can be printed, addressed, mail merged and prepared for postage. All in one place!

G&L Printing Offers:

✓ Database Management

✓ Envelope Printing

✓ Mail merging

✓ Variable Data Application and Personalized Meetings

✓ Envelope inserting, addressing and sealing



Your All-In-One Marketing Solutions Partner

Marketing isn't about getting you on TV or on a billboard. It's about reaching potential customers where they are in a position to respond, inspiring them to action. Each of our clients are different and therefore one size does not fit all.

Our sister company, Spot Marketing Group is a fully equipped marketing agency prepared to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Spot Marketing Group can help you market your business through the traditional channels, and they are experts at Inbound Marketing. They can help your business grow your website traffic and help you start generating leads from your website.

Visit Their Website
Contact Spot Marketing Group


Logistics & Procurement

Source, Manage, Buy

Simplify the way you source, manage, and buy your print and marketing services!

Our sister company, Sourcing Spot Inc. empowers their customers to grow their businesses beyond their dreams and continually work with them to provide support, encouragement and most of all results. They are a leader in business and marketing, helping businesses realize their potential through solution-based products and services. Sourcing Spot Inc. helps businesses scale efficiently by reducing time-waste during the procurement process.

Visit Their Website
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